Diana + Alex | Tattoo Engagement Session | Dallas Wedding Photograpger

Of the things Alex and I have in common, Rock/Metal, travel, and tattoos have always been a constant. So a tattoo session shoot was perfect! We’ve made a tradition of getting tattoos every time we travel to a new place. Our first tattoo together was in Iceland. After that, we did a road trip down the Pacific Coast Highway and that was when we got engaged. To commemorate the trip, we got tattoos in LA (mine was better )
Additionally, I’m also from LA so the tattoo has double meaning for me.
We never get matching tattoos – we simply each pick something that represents the location we visited and get that done.
So for our shoot, we decided instead of getting matching tattoos or getting each other’s names or something cheesy and typical like that, I would pick his tattoo and he would pick mine. My pick for him was an arrow through a crescent moon.

Alex’s tattoo is basically a symbol of me. It’s a nod to the Goddess Diana but also represents my personality.
The tattoo he chose for me is not as complex but just as meaningful.
Of the two of us, I am very much a pessimist/Negative Nancy. Alex is very much the complete opposite. He’s always positive and has his eyes forward, never looking back. He focuses on the good that the future can bring and I love him for being able to have that positive mentality through everything. Especially though me having the total opposite view. My tattoo is simple. The words Forward Always. It’s a reminder to be more positive and look towards the good the future can bring. It’s a symbol of his personality and him overall. There is also an arrow under the words pointing out, towards my hand.
A couple things we noticed after the fact and didn’t do on purpose:
We both got arrows! Lol.
My tattoo is also apparently a quote from a Marvel (comics) character. I LOOOOOOVE comics and the Marvel universe! So, totally unintentional but pretty awesome!

Wedding Anniversary

Melissa and Dustin came to me wanting me to take some pictures of them in their wedding attire. Five years ago they had a not so good experience with their wedding pictures they got from another photographer. They wanted some art that they could hang in their home. So, Melissa got back in her wedding dress and even brought her actual wedding bouquet <3 and we just let magic happen….

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